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About Chikanta

Chikanta is a Chiefdom located in Kalomo District in Southern province of Zambia. The community of Chikanta is mainly occupied by the Batonga people who practice subsistence farming by growing maize, a staple food of Zambia, ground nuts, cotton, and sunflower. Chikanta is becoming a semi-commercial area for maize growing as it is a food-basket for southern Zambia. There are 40.000 people living in the area. It is 105 kilometers from the main town.

Chikanta is a well known chiefdom in terms of farming because the land is quite fertile. We also have commercial farmers and subsistence farmers. Most commercial farmers grow crops like maize, cotton and sunflower for sale. Subsistence farmers grow crops like maize and groundnuts for their families just little for sale in order for them to earn a better living, and this is done by using hands to plant crops. People also raise cattle, goats, pigs, chickens and other domestic animals for trading in urban areas, this in turn strengthens the economy in the community.

People also run small businesses to help them rise money for sustainable living. There are small markets in rural Chikanta area where business people sell vegetables, sweeping brooms, groceries, beer, second hand clothes and agriculture equipments. As earlier stated that Chikanta is a rural area, people do not cross borders to order goods but they are buying business goods in large towns like Lusaka, Choma and Livingstone.

Chikanta is among the most isolated chiefdoms in terms of communication, transport, and power. Although the chiefdom is the major producer of maize, a staple food of Zambia, roads are impassable, there are no mobile or land telephone infrastructure. National television and radio signals are hardly received, and there is no access to electricity from the national power grid. There are 25 government schools, of which one is a high school, 15 community schools, 4 rural health centers, and 7 health posts.

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