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About Chilonga

The rural community of Chilonga is located in the Northern Province of Zambia, near the district capital Mpika. "Our Ladies Hospital’ has been established in Chilonga by missionaries in 1956 and has grown into a regional hospital with 182 beds. Approximately 162,000 people live in the immediate catchment area of the hospital. At the mission a Nurse Training School offers a two year training program for Zambian enrolled Nurses.
In the region, most people live in small villages within a large ‘extended’ family.Houses are built of mud bricks and most of the roofs are thatched. In the region local government and some small businesses provide the job opportunities for the local people. The vast majority of the population is involved in informal economic activities as farmer. Most of the farmers own cattle like poultry, pigs and goats.
Primary education is available up to group 9, but the children are challenged by the distance to the schools and the structural shortage of teachers and learning resources.
Macha Works is active in Chilonga since 2009. The placement of the LinkNet Resource Container has brought internet access to the community. Meanwhile the internet network has been expanded to the hospital and the Nurse Training School.
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