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About Chitokoloki

The name Chitokoloki means “place of bright shining waters” and it truly is a lovely site, although very remote, known for it’s beautiful sunsets situated on the East banks of the mighty Zambezi River, in the North-Western Province of Zambia, Central Africa.

Missionaries first settled at Chitokoloki in 1914 and since then there has always been a presence of expatriate missionaries at Chitokoloki. Chitokoloki is a “Mission Station” with a large, active and busy hospital. The community has an important coordination role for the North-western province of Zambia.

The immediate catchment area is of approx. 11,000 people but the hospital serves a much wider area and patients arrive almost daily from distant places for surgical help from within Zambia and neighbouring countries. Chitokoloki is especially known for a high quality surgery facility and a very qualified staff. One of the important new factors is that Chitokoloki now has a modern ICU ( Intensive Care Unit) which was just completed in 2006. Patients coming for medical care are not charged any fees for any of the services and those admitted are fed and cared for during their stay at hospital.

Close to the hospital in Chitokoloki a secondary and primary school are based. The secondary school teaches roughly 475 pupils and in the number of children at the primary school vary from 700 to 1.000. Both schools are eager to participate in the educational programs that Macha Works supports.

The program contains the implementation of an ICT supported curriculum with an internal intranet for teachers to share best practices and share learning resources. The first step is to expand the electrity network based on solar to both schools. The expansion of the internet and the installation of computer classes will enable the schools to get the value of ICT within their schools.

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