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Community Center

The Vision Community Centre (VCC) is a meeting place for enterprising people of rural villages. The VCC provides space to service organisations for the community of Macha, such as the Internet cafe, the restaurant, the ‘Community Hall’, library and ‘craft shop’. In addition to this, potential entrepreneurs are offered space for their company until their companies can afford accommodation of their own, and several workshop rooms will be built for training courses as well as other kinds of support to local farmers and other people. Due to the fire at the VCC in November 2007, the new building will be rebuilt in Macha's new Centre. Macha's market will be at the new VCC, as well as office space for several organisations that are active under the umbrella of Macha Works and the new branch bank office. A really new centre of Macha!

Budget for the new building: € 100,000.

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