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The projects in Macha proves that using local heroes is key to effective development. Only local people are able to determine the true needs of their village, and are therefore uniquely positioned to implement local projects.. The capacity and perseverance of these people determine whether the development of their village is successful. Education and training are of vital importance in preparing these talented people for this task.

Competent management and entrepreneurship are crucial skills in the structural development of rural Zambia. Only a limited amount of business education is provided for the rural Zambia communities. Vocational training is found in the cities but is usually oriented towards technical knowledge instead of cognitive development, self-awareness, result-oriented attitudes, and entrepreneurship. These soft skills, as they are called, are more important for achieving results than intelligence, according to scientific research.

In Macha, several types of training courses are now offered, all based on the needs of the local people. Other courses will be added to the curriculum to fill in any gaps.

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