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Health care

The establishment of Macha Mission Hospital (MMH) in 1906 made Macha a coordinating centre for health care in the Southern province of Zambia. MMH is now a quality hospital in rural Zambia, and has about 80,000 people in its care. In 1924 the Nurse Training School at the hospital mission in Macha was established. The NTS trains currently 30 nurses each year.

An important development for the healthcare in Macha was the establishment of the Medical Research Trust (MRT) in 2003. MRT was able to benefit from the missionary work that had been done by for many years. MRT initially focused on malaria treatment and in a period of 4 years the number of malaria patients went down significantly. The integrated approach that drove down the number of patients consist of a combination of accurate diagnosis, proper information and training, medication and prevention, nursing care and community integration.

Additionally, MRT aims to expand the range of its activities in Macha further to HIV/AIDS and TB. At the request of MMH, Macha Works established an HIV/Aids clinic and the new building opened its doors in 2008. This building has increased the number of HIV/Aids patients that can be cared for.

At the same time, primary health care in Macha’s surrounding villages will be enhanced in a five-year program in order to improve the capacity of these Health Posts.

Macha Mission Hospital (MMH)

Malaria Institute in Macha (MIAM)

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