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About Kalene

Kalene Mission Hospital is based in the northwest corner of Zambia, approximately 20 kilometers from the borders of Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The hospital is run by the Christain Mission in Many Lands (CMML). The hospital has 180 beds in 3 wards and currently expands the hospital with a new theatre to ne able to support the growing number of patients from the three African countries they serve.

There are different schools in Kalene, the Nurse Training School of Kalene offers boarding facilities for 70 Nursing students and 4 teachers. There is not sufficient accomodation yet, although new guesthouses has been recently built. The primary and secondary schools are based at 500 meters away from the hospital. The primary school serves more than 700 kids in 9 grades and with 11 teachers. Kalene High School has approximately 500 pupils and 16 teachers, 

The people living in Kalene are predominantly active in small scale farming with cassave, pineapple and a bit of maize as the main crops they grow.

Kalene is based just besides an active river and in 2007 the community has build a small hydro plant and community wide electricity grid that produces high quality electricity for the hospital, schools, NTS and community. Flying Mission uses the local airstrip for transporting the mission stakeholders by air tpo other destinations in Zambia.

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