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ICT company LinkNet Communications

LinkNet offers a unique innovative approach specific to rural communities. The organisation enables isolated rural communities to be connected to the internet. In addition to this, local ICT specialists are trained and the required infrastructure is provided to exchange knowledge and experience. LinkNet uses the current ICT possibilities as the basis for further development.

The idea is simple: the required technology is installed in sea containers that are connected to a satellite dish. A wireless network then distributes the Internet to the rural community. The technological solution offered by LinkNet is simple and is based on the local needs of the rural community. The infrastructure was chosen because it is cheap and affordable when parts are needed to be replaced in the future.

The most important users of the Internet in Macha are the hospital, the research institute, the Internet Café, the Community Centre – Macha’s innovation – the radio station, the primary school and many other community initiatives. Besides this, LinkNet is an interesting organisation for national organizations with ambitions aimed at rural areas, such as the Smart Card project that provides each Zambian with a SIM card in order to register his/her own medical history. A project that would be hard to get off the ground successfully without ICT knowledge.
In the meantime, LinkNet has received several requests from communities and several national organisations to connect other communities to the Internet . Thanks to three important regular donors in the Netherlands and Zambia, LinkNet will be able to connect at least 10 new communities to the Internet in the coming year. A number that eventually could increase to 150 in the coming 5 years.

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