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About Minga

Established in 1933, Minga Mission is a Catholic mission hospital. Except for Government funding, the mission area also makes money from fund raising projects like the corn mill. A project where people from the surrounding villages pay for their flour to be ground, the money earned then goes to finance the 'food project'.

The people in the Eastern Province live for the most part, in clay walled, grass roofed, huts. 20% of the population of Petauke District has safe water now. 25 years ago almost the entire population was dependent upon an open hole in the ground and unsafe pumps. A safe pump has a lid made of cement and good drainage, to prevent 'backflow'.

Often men leave for town. The women stay behind and take care of the fields, the housekeeping, and the children. The children also look after eachother or play with toys they have made themselves.

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