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About Mukinge

Mukinge Hill is a rural community in Kasempa in the North-Western province of Zambia. Mukinge was the second community that Macha Works supported by establishing access to the Internet for the community Centre and the hospital.

The Kaonde people live in this district. Most of the people live in small villages within extended families of 8 - 12 people. Houses are made from mud and have thatched roofs. Most of the people work within the informal agricultural sector (millet, maize) and hunting. Stock breeding focuses on poultry, pigs and goats. There is little local industry among villagers.

Primary education is available for everyone up to year 7, but due to the distance to the school and the unavailability of teachers it is generally not easy to motivate young people to continue. The main local language spoken in the district is Kika Onde.

Mukinge Hospital has 200 beds divided among 7 separate inpatient wards connected by covered sidewalks. Wards include male, female, maternity (with 1,300 - 1400 births a year), acute pediatrics, chronic pediatrics (mostly malnutrition), eye and TB. In addition, Mukinge Hospital has an active outpatients department (OPD), and numerous support services. The hospital cares for an average of 150-160 inpatients per day, and 160-180 outpatients per day. "Local patients" often travel as long as 5 days on foot / bike to reach the hospital, with a growing number of other patients coming to Mukinge's rural, remote setting from distant cities & towns. 

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