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About Murumbinda

Murumbinda Community is based in Buhera District in Manicaland Province in Zimbabwe. Low rainfall , poor soils, basic infrastructure and non –existence of major industry or commercial land exploitation, combine to make it the second poorest district of Zimbabwe.

It is a drought prone area composed of mainly peasant farmers, relying on cultivating drought resistant crops and earning a living through subsistence farming. Within the last decade the prices for basic food and other products have trippled without a simular growth in income opportunities for the people. Therefore most people reply on dondors for food.

The district has a population density of 230 000 people as per 2002 census. Less than 10% of the population is employed . The area comprises of three mining companies namely Dorowa Mineral (ltd), Shawa Mine and Dinidza Mine. It has 4 police stations with Murambinda as the main center , 131-registerd primary school, 10 satellite schools and 60 secondary schools.

Murumbinda community is situated near Murumbinda Mission Hospital, which is one of the most competent hospitals in the province. There is only one tarred road that connects Murambinda with other nearby rural towns like Chivhu and Nyazura.

Macha Works has supported the community of Murumbinda since 2001. Vision Internet was established in Mid April 2002 in Murumbinda, with the aim of enhancing the community of Buhera District in the province of Manicaland. Macha Works supports the foster home of the community and provides direct support to people that want to visit the hospital but can't afford the travel costs have built strong relationships with the key stakeholders of the community.

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